Bridge Builders - Soldiers of the Spirit

The Youth Wing of Sadhu Vaswani Mission

About Bridge Builders

Bridge Builders is the youth wing of the Sadhu Vaswani Mission engaged in a broad spectrum of youth and community development programs. It is headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra and has several national and international centres.

With ever youthful Rev. Dada J. P Vaswani enrolled as Bridge Builder No. 1, and a spiritual guide, mentor and philanthropist, this bunch of energetic young people work relentlessly with a hope to help and heal all those in need.


Bridge Builders’ volunteers are known as ‘’Soldiers of the Spirit” who are young adults in the age group of 18-35 years from all walks of life but one determination and conviction - Be the change to see the change.

Youth Meetups

The busiest space in the world is our MIND. It keeps us thinking, questioning, arguing, debating, doubting and it just keeps going ON & ON! Beloved Dada is an ocean of wisdom with the simplest solutions to the most complicated problems. Bridge Builders is an organization “of the youth, by the youth and for the youth”, aimed at enriching lives with Dada’s principles and teachings through dance, music, drama and other fun performances. It is a great platform for youth to explore and showcase their talent.

The highlight of these YouthFUL and Youth-FOCUSED evenings is a special message by Dada J. P Vaswani for the youth followed by an interactive, soul-enriching QnA session. Through his answers he simply simplifies, what we make complicated. Never miss a Bridge Builders Youth event, an evening filled with emotions, transformations and magical moments! He has transformed many lives with his simple yet practical suggestions. Will yours be next?

Spiritual Fellowship

“The noblest work is to cultivate the soul.”
- Sadhu Vaswani
  • If you are looking for spiritual metamorphosis
  • Want to feel a moment of freedom
  • Harmonise with all that’s around you
  • Experience immaculate peace
  • Come | Experience | Explore | Dive | Merge
  • Be a part of spiritual renaissance with Bridge Builders!

Be Winners in the Game of Life Programmes

Bridge Builders works towards bringing out the best in our member volunteers by offering several opportunities for overall personality development. From time to time, we organize self empowerment sessions which prepare the youth to face life as it comes and emerge victorious.

These include an array of programmes such as:

  • “Learn To Say No”
  • Laughter Therapy
  • Cinema Therapy
  • Cyclothon
  • Drum Circle
  • Book clubs
  • Talent Hunt
  • Health & Fitness workshops