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Dada’s Ever-Protecting Grace

Dada’s Ever-Protecting Grace

—Didi Krishna Kumari,
Working Chairperson, Sadhu Vaswani Mission

It was a beautiful wintry morning. The golden rays of the sun spread warmth and light all
around us. Many of us from the Sadhu Vaswani Mission were at the picturesque little village
of Manjiri, at the first ever sports day of the Sadhu Vaswani Gurukul – a service initiative by
the Mission and a dream project for the centenary year to offer free education to
economically deprived children. There was tremendous excitement in the air, for the children
had never participated in such an event and the parents had never witnessed such an event.
Joy radiated from all faces. The sunlight sparkled on the leaves of the surrounding trees, but
the spark in the eyes of the children shone brighter. The cool breeze made the grass rustle and
the chirping of the birds filled the air. The joyous music of the children’s voices added to the
natural symphony.
Races began amidst loud cheers. Medals were awarded to ecstatic winners. The children drew
us in to join their race. Who could resist their sweet pleas? As I began to run, a thrill passed
through me. I felt I was reliving my school days. So absorbed was I in their infectious joy that
I did not watch my step. Suddenly my run took off into a flight mode and I fell face forward
with a thud…
Everyone went, “Oh, no!” And, as for me…Ah... it felt as if I had broken a couple of bones.
In a flash, the entire episode of Beloved Dada’s fall at Panama replayed itself before my
mind’s eye…
I recalled how playing table tennis with the children at the Sadhana Camp venue, his foot was
entangled in his shawl, making him fall backward with great force, breaking his elbow,
shoulder hip bones. Shocked beyond belief, with my heart missing several beats and tears
flowing from my eyes, I had approached him. In total contrast to my aghast expression, a
seraphic smile played on his lips and he said to me: “Do not worry! I am fine!” But the pain
and discomfort that the body was experiencing was so palpable that it made us quiver in
anguish and fear. As for Dada, it was as if he was unconscious of his body.
That fall changed his life completely…as it did ours!
But here I was in Manjiri, lying on the muddy sports arena. I immediately gathered myself
and gently stood up. Everyone was deeply concerned; they were certain that I had suffered
multiple fractures! To our complete surprise, not one bone, not one ligament had been
damaged. Dada’s protective shield had worked its miracle!
I thought to myself: His watchful presence is always with us – at the right place – at the right
time – insulating us from all harm! He is more intensely concerned about us than a mother
who is ever thoughtful of her child. He is with us at every step, holding our hands, carefully

extricating us from mishaps and misfortunes. The hurdles that come our way have to be
crossed, of course; but he facilitates the crossing by instilling faith and courage within us.
He floats on our consciousness, guiding us at all times. His presence transcends life and
death. His grace operates in countless ways. It touches, illumines so many lives. It is
omnipotent and omnipresent.
One day he said to us, “You feel I am going. Where can I go? I shall be here, more easily
accessible to every one of you.” True! His magical presence is always with us. His grace
upon us is like the ever present sunshine filling our lives with light and joy. It is like the
soothing spring of living waters, reviving and rejuvenating us.
Dada always said to us, when you think His Grace is at work in your life, all will be well, but
when you think you are doing it – that you have some part, some role to play, the
dissatisfaction will flow in.
He also spoke of the value of patience – unlimited patience. Whenever I started any work he
would often tell me: Patience and more patience! In today’s world of instant gratification,
great effort has to be put into honing this wonderful virtue.
He emphasized too, on not seeking reward – nor expecting anything. The work has to be done
– with no thought of reward – not even to please the Guru.
The fourth was surrender – surrender is either total or not at all, Dada said. Surrender the
work, surrender the problems, surrender the result as an offering to the Guru. Surrender your
will to Him and the ‘little’ you will cease to exist.
Dada! He cannot be described because of his vastness, he cannot be fathomed because of his
depths, he cannot be measured because of his limitlessness!

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